Mentoring and learning from students is the best part of our work. Over the years, I had the privilege to work with some outstanding students. I am always looking for bright and inspiring students to join the research team.

Current Students & Collaborators

Post-Doctoral Fellow

  • Dr. Lisa Ndejuru (Concordia U.), Waking the Stories: Rwandan Genocide, Archives and Memory. ” Provostial Postdoctoral Fellowship. (2020-2022).


Doctoral Students

  • Congratulations Dr. Jamila Ghaddar! (2021): “Provenance in Place: Archives, Settler Colonialism and the Making of a Global Order.


Masters Thesis 

  • Jamie Duncan, 2019, “Negotiating Citizenship: Mediatized Migration and the Canadian Border.” (2nd reader: Prof. Leslie Shade).


Ph.D. Committees 

  • Christie Oh, Fac of Information. (Supervisor: Dr. Chun Wei Choo)
  • Dina Sabie, Computer Science, U. of Toronto (Supervisor: Dr. Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed)
  • Junoh Kim, Fac of Information. (Supervisor: Dr. Jeffrey Boase)
  • Megan Hull, Fac. of Information (Supervisor: Dr. Cara Krmpotich)
  • Omer Hacker, Anthropology/Religion, UofT/HUJ (Supervisors: Drs. N. Stadler & S. Coleman)

Past Graduates and Collaborators

Past Post-Doctoral Fellows

  • Dr. Sambhavi Chandrashekar, Privateye – electronic navigational aids for individuals with vision impairments.” MITACS Elevate Industrial Fellowship Award. (2010-2012).
  • Dr. Rhonda McEwen, “Investigating the Mobile Phone Information Practices of Newcomers.” MITACS Accelerate Internship Program in partnership with Globalive Wireless. (2009-2010).

Past Doctoral Students (with current affiliations)


  • Dr. Danielle Allard, 2015, Assistant Professor, School of Library and Information Studies, University of Alberta.

Hooding ceremony for Dr. Danielle Allard

  • Dr. Diane Dechief, 2014. Faculty Lecturer, Scientific and Technical Writing, McGill University, Montreal, QC.

Dr. Dechief at her graduation

  • Dr. Lisa Quirke, 2014. Toronto Urban Fellow and Business Analyst, City of Toronto.
July 16, 2014 15_57_16

Hooding ceremony for Dr. Quirke

  • Dr. Sambhavi Chandrashekar, 2010. (co-supervised with Dr. Stephen Hockema). Accessibility Lead at D2L Corporation (formerly Desire2Learn); Adjunct Faculty at OCADU, York, and Univ. of Toronto.
sm_sam c

Hooding ceremony for Dr. Chandrashekar

  • Dr. Rhonda McEwen, 2009. Professor and Canada Research Chair in Tactile Interfaces, Communication and Cognition at UTM-CCIT, Univ. of Toronto.
smNaidi and Rhonda.JPG

Hooding ceremony for Dr. McEwen

Past Students (as a Dissertation Committee Member)

  • Dr. Wajanat Rayes, UMBC, 2020.
  • Dr. Elysia Guzik, iSchool, 2017.
  • Dr. Keren Dali, iSchool, 2010.
  • Dr. Adam Fiser, iSchool, 2009.
  • Dr. Joseph Ferenbok, iSchool, 2009.
  • Dr. Mary Cavanagh, iSchool, 2008.
  • Dr. Andrea A. Cortinois, Faculty of Medicine, HPME, 2008.
  • Dr. Anu Macintosh-Murray, iSchool, 2003.

Past Masters Theses


  • Jamie Duncan. (2019). “Negotiating Citizenship: Mediatized Migration and the Canadian Border.” Faculty of Information, University of Toronto. (2nd reader: Prof. Leslie Shade).
  • Elise Chien. (2005). “Informing and Involving Newcomers Online: Users’ Perspectives of Settlement.Org.” Faculty of Information, University of Toronto. (2nd, reader: Ted Richmond).
  • Pia Russell. (2004). “Information Literacy and Education Policy: An Instrumental Case Study of the Ontario Public School Curriculum.”  Faculty of Information, University of Toronto.

Second Reader

  • Michel Mersereau. (2015). “The Abiotic Internet – Organizational Interdependency and Internet Enabled Practices at Na-Me-Res.” (Supervisor: Leslie Shade). Faculty of Information, University of Toronto.
  • Sarah Roberts. (2014). The Classifying Work of Immigration Infrastructure: A Critical Analysis of Temporary Foreign Workers Access to Settlement Services.” (Supervisor: Leslie Shade). Faculty of Information, University of Toronto.
  • Bruce Harpham. (2009). “Civil society groups in the Net Neutrality Debate in Canada and the United States.” (Supervisor: Andrew Clement). Faculty of Information, University of Toronto.
  • Sayaka Sugimoto. (2008). “Multiculturalism: A Discourse Analysis of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada and Canadian Heritage Websites.”  (Supervisor: Juris Dilevko). Faculty of Information, University of Toronto.

Global Undergraduate Research Experience

  • Shuting Deng (2019). MITACS Globalink Research Internship for International Undergraduates. (Sun Yat-sen University, China). Research Project: “Social Media, Older Adults and Cultural Literacy.”
  • Junyue (Mavis) Shen (2018). MITACS Globalink Research Internship for International Undergraduates. (Sun Yat-sen University, China). Research Project: “Diversity by Design: Social Media and Cultural Literacy.”
  • Laia Colomer Marquez (2015). MITACS Globalink Research Internship for International Undergraduates. (Mexico City, Mexico). Research Project: “Pilgrimage 2.0: Young People, Religion and Social Media.”
  • Aline Lima Abrao (2014). MITACS Globalink Research Internship for International Undergraduates. (Brasilia, Brazil). Research Project: “Surfing the Multilingual Web: Implications for Accessibility and Credibility.”

External Examiner

  • Dr. Millicent Nnebuogor Mabi (iSchool, UBC), 2020. “Viewing Immigrant Labour Integration Through an Intersectional Lens: Information and Identity in the Settlement of African Immigrants to Metro Vancouver, British Columbia.” (Supervisor: Prof. Heather O’Brien).
  • Dr. Brian Griffin (iSchool, Toronto), 2020. “Information Practices in Amateur Classical Musicianship” (Supervisor: Prof. Jenna Hartel). (Role: Internal-External)
  • Dr. Mahmood Khosrowjerdi (Oslo Metropolitan Univ.), 2018. “National Culture and Trust in Online Health Information.” (Supervisor: Prof. I. Ruthven). [First Opponent].
  • Dr. Alison Frayne (Western University), 2018. “A Study of Six Nations Public Library: Rights and Access to Information.” (Supervisor: Prof. C. Johnson).
  • Dr. Nadia Naffi (Concordia University), 2017. “Learning About Oneself: An Essential Process to Confront Social Media Propaganda Against the Resettlement of Syrian Refugees.” (Supervisor: Prof. Ann-Louise Davidson).
  • Dr. Natasha Ali (iSchool, Toronto) (Internal-External), 2017. “Information Behaviour of Sell-Side and Other Analysts in Financial Institutions in Toronto, Canada.” (Supervisor: Prof. Chun Wei Choo).
  • Dr. Nouf Kashman (McGill University), 2014. Investigating the application of Hofstede’s Model of Cultural Dimensions to Arabic Web Interfaces.” (Supervisors: Prof. J. Beheshti & A. Large).